How to become a good stamp collector !!

Hi friends,,,

I thought before going to the details about various stamps, let me give me some advice on ”How to become a good stamp collector”.Becoming a recruited stamp collector is not so difficult, but you just need some basic characters…

Characters required to become a recruited stamp collector:-

* Passion to collect stamps.
* Commitment to collect stamps.
* Should be eager to know the facts from stamps.
* Should have a good bargaining potential when trading.
* Should be loyal to the traders.
* Should form a council of collectors.

By having the above mentioned characters you can become a recruited stamp collector, but all your potential must be directed properly…
An Advice for the beginner :-

* Buy a stock book to arrange the stamps,
* Select a particular theme on which your going to collect the stamp.
* Do the trading with the stamps you owe twice,
* Form a friend circle with stamp collectors,
* Avoid cunning ones,
* Set a target…
I think this introduction is enough for the beginners, If they follow the following steps, they can become a recruited stamp collector…