”Should Ajmal Kasab be Hanged??”

The elementAjmal Kasab is one of the popular figure after the 26/11 tragedy,known for killing the cop Karkare and the sole survivor of the terrorist.Kasab has been under the police control for about 2 years. But still there is no judgement given against Kasab.The families wounded by this incidence are stern to fight against Kasab and derive him the supreme punishment of  ”Death by Hanging”…

So the topic in today’s Discussion Board is ”Should Ajmal Kasab be Hanged??”

At my point of view I would suggest NO to supreme punishment.You may be amazed by my comment, but its the truth.There are certain reasons which made me to go for NO. India is the country known for demolishing the powers of British men by the non-violence method. We have the Leader and the idol of non-violence born in this royal soil-M.K.Gandhi. India is one of the peaceful nation which has not waged a war against any nation after the Independence.

We have created such a great Non-violence path of success, why cant the same happen in this cause ??

Ajmal KasabA heartless Beast is one of the instrument created to attack India by a group of beasts. To mention it clear,Kasab maybe a Pakistani but he is not a born terrorist.He has been mentally made to accept that ”INDIANS ARE BAD PEOPLES’

I just light a candle for 26/11
It is time to show that we have neither forgiven nor forgotten 26/11.
It is time to remember those who paid with their lives for the fanaticism of
a few, to salute those who gave up their lives trying to shield others, and
to honor those who survived the ordeal of terror
we cherish their memories,
we value their sacrifice and we hail their courage…… 😦