Is CWG- A priority for India?

We have the largest number of poor souls in the world, we have the largest number homeless people in the world, we have a huge number of people who are affected and diseased in the world,we have millions of people who cannot afford on square meal a day, we have worst roads, poor health care facilities, dirt and filth every where- which needs immeadiate attention and urgent cleaning, we have scarcity of drinking water, drought and flooding in different parts which requires urgent control measures, Due to poor living conditions and the amount of unhygiene that the people are exposed to, they become victims of unheard and terrible diseases,We have very poor infrastructure facilities for the training of the sportsmen at grass root level, we have millions of unemployed youth, we have the food inflation which adds to a common man’s miserable life and the crimes making life and property of the common man unsafe — with all those problems needing huge funds, can it still be considered humane to spend the poor tax payer’s money to the tune of 70 thousand crores on this CWG Carnival?

And that too with huge corruption as reported at almost every level?

Imagine all this happening in a country like China! May be by this time lot many heads would have been chopped off at least of those who have indulged in corruption and are responsible for wasting public funds!
Once again ” Shame on all those who are involved in arranging this Carnival and the associated corruption and all this wasteful expenditure of hard earned poor tax payer’s money! ”
Think about this and post some good replies on this…….