Is Media doing its Justice ???

Hi friends…

When you feel bored you naturally depend on this Media,When you want to know something happening around the world you refer to this Media,When you want to promote your Business you use this Media….But the thirst for the at present Media is totally different. Media have changed their concentration to earn money.The Media reflects more about the Cine Buzz rather than the critical decision made by government for the welfare of the nation,though they don’t….

Have the Media changed their views??? Rather than collecting key details ,they are looking for something unnecessary for a common man but their theme has changed to ”Earn Money rather Earn respect”……

While speaking about this Media I remember the debate I attended…My history ma’am said thatMEDIA PLAY A IMPORTANT ROLE IN DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY”…But the present proving it wrong….

I accept that Media has played a major role in emergency situations like the Mumbai 26/11 Tragedy,Mangalore Air crash tragedy etc… But still it should be done in all aspects…I have to say great jobs by some of the Media by conducting some debate hours…But some moments the News they give are just mere guess..especially during Mangalore Air crash tragedy were Media reported the discovery of the Black box within six hours after the crash which a fake information

If any of Media person have viewed it,I humbly request you to concentrate more on critical data’s rather than the Buzz….