Top 10 Advertisement of 2010

My top 10 communication campaigns of the year 2010:

£ )  “Desh ka mail, Bhartiya Rail” television ad – Amazing connect of the past with the present, something that the Railways does everyday.
£ )  “Bhaasha ki zaroorat nahin hoti” campaign by Idea  Cellular – Teaches us the basic truth of life.
£ )  Honda Jazz X television ad – Refreshing change from otherwise boring techno-gibberish other car brands dish out, simple fun on wheels.
£ ) Indigo “On Time” 360 degree campaign – On television, on ground, in aircraft.
£ ) Tata Tea “anti-corruption in education” television campaign – They continue with their mission, steadfast, unabated.
£ ) “Do boond” campaign by Pulse Polio – Very effective given the layers of society it has to penetrate to ensure implementation.
£ ) “Atithi devo bhava” campaign to rejig the Indian psyche towards tourists and visitors.
£ ) Fortis Healthcare outdoor campaign – The right mix of fear and reassurance.
£ ) Virgin Mobile “Indian Panga League” viral campaign during IPL3 – Audacious fun.
£ ) Raymond’s complete man campaign – Never goes out of style, actually.