World seven wonders-Sundarbans !!!

Hi Friends

Its some good moments coming ahead for India. India is selected in top 10 rich nations. Its in 8th position so far and I think in future it will be in top 5 nations of the world. We the youth should take the required step to reach that height.

The latest good news is that India’s Sundarbans has been selected in top 28 world wonders.You all must have heard about Sunderbans and its majestic and mysterious mangrove forests and that it is one of the last remaining natural habitats for our national animalThe  Royal Bengal Tiger”!!!!

If Sundarbans gets selected in the World wonder, wouldn’t it be nice ??? India’s place will get lot of visitors,lot of funds can be raised to preserve the nature and wildlife in Sundarbans…This can come true if you support this movement…. For many of them it may be a fool’s talk but true Indian’s will consider this national pride….

For this just you have to follow some simple step to vote for our National pride ”Sundarbans”….

Go to Vote for New7wonders… Just fill some particulars and vote for choice….