Visitors to essential websites is less,while ???

Hi friends…

Today in the discussion board we are going to discuss about a very important topicThe visitors to essential website is less ,while ??? ”. The theme of this topic though being a rough topic, but a very important topic. This is very important topic for the present generation. The world has started earning money from Body flesh. This business is widely present in most of the American Nations and the European Nations. The influence of this business is also in India. The people owing to their poverty involve in this Fuzz and the marketers become millionares over night. Though in white Nations the women involve in this as professionals, in India its only because of their family background…

People now a days prefer more for Hot bizz rather than the essentail ones. This unwanted websites has targeted most of the school students spoiling their future. The school students visit unwanted websites rather than the essential websites for their projects. These things I am not saying on my own words. When checking the Alexa traffic for those websites I was shocked to see that there is 2% difference between the essentiall and the other XYZ websites.

It’s the mistake of the Internet protocol which supports these activities for earning money. People should take some steps to block these unwanted websites. The government of India should block these XYZ websites throughout India.

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