Tsunami overshadowing Christmas !!!

Hi friends…

Some Hard moments cannot be erased easily as the good ones ”. Same is the case at  present . 26th December 2004 is the day that still remains in the eyeball of every men in Tamilnadu and the Indonesian feeling it heavy .Though the christ was born a day before was not able to save those many.This was the day when the ocean had taken bunches to its home as meal.

26th December 2004 in the early morning certain changes in the level of ocean. Sudden waves above greater heights collapsing the dreams of many young men. Everything coming down within moments where there is come back. The day has taken many souls far away from the land but still has left its impression of the minds of the whole world.

This is a joyful moment where people all over the world are celebrating christmas , whereas there are many shadow minds filled with sorry of losing their dear ones . The people are not able to come back to normal state even after 6 years. The impact of Christmas in India started over 100 years but the impact of Tsunami of just 6 years is more.

Therefore the sorrow of this disaster has shadowed the happy and joyful feeling of many minds.People should come back to normal stage and should have a Enjoyable and a Happy new year ahead !!!

Merry Christmas !!!!