The Mentality Of Indians !!!

Hi friends…

You  may think different when a student  from 11TH is advicing or writting political reviews run by ages more than 60’s… Though my age is around 16 only my experience all are gained from my personal suffering and seeing  my people suffering due to various reasons.. More than 60% it is only due to Fault Government …
Will you believe ??? India is the country with richest in lignite content, but what is our fate ” We have current cut for 2 hours a day and a day maintenance cut … Does it not sounds funny !!!!
We people don’t recognize those things , we brutally want to save our own life , not minding what hell is going to happen to Indians , I am happy and will not support some good person who is seperate canditate and who does not offers ” TV , Rs.5000 ,A saree ,Clothing etc….”. Is this a Democracy present in India , if Abraham Lincoln sees the happening in India he will ” sucide
This is the thing I saw..
This was the real incident that I saw on friday. Heavy ticket checking was going on every bus stop. In my bus one person did not take the ticket . He got down in Simmakal and he started to move but the ticket group chased him and caught him.
Then he immediately took a ten Rupees from his pocket and gave to checking group saying that he wants to take it now….
Will the ticket checking person will believe that ???
So my dear friends I do not insist you to take tickets and produce tax to the present fraud government,,,,
But  I request you to take ticket properly when a proper and perfect government is run by a person like ME.