How to work in Windows Live Movie Maker !!!

Hi friends….

Today we can learn how to create a good quality video from Windows Live Movie Maker.

So lets get started !!!

Its so simple to work with Live Movie Maker when compared to other video creators.

This Windows Live Movie Maker is compatible only System having Windows7.

First is the HOME button which has the key buttons like ADD PHOTO, ADD MUSIC, ADD CAPTION etc…. Each button has its oqn function. The most important button is the ADD Photo button by which we can add the photos which we want to animate and create as a video. The ADD Music button helps you to add background music to your movie. The ADD title,caption,credits helps you to have the title scene for your movie .

The next is the Animation bar which helps to add effects to the movie.

The next is the EDIT option which is used to edit the time of the selected slide and the time of the caption to appear.

Link to Download : Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

In the next post we will see how to save movie… I think my article will be helpful.