How to increase traffic to your Fan page in Facebook !!!

Hi freinds…

Today we will discuss about a simple trick to increase traffic to your facebook fan page. The tendency and the wish of all admin’s of fan page will be for maximum likes for his/her Fan page. But due to various reasons the popularity of fan page is dead slow if your page is same as the others. So you need to have something different from others. So this is a step to divert traffic to your facebook fan page.

Go to Rootmusic which is used add the required music box in your fan page.




Going to that webpage you need to do some options and sign in through your facebook account and it will ask permission to access,just give Allow.





In the next page you will be asked about the page that we are going to edit today. Just select the page you are going to edit today.


Selecting the page you are going to edit , you will enter into a preview page of your fan page with all same features. Now you are given with a music Tab,just you can keep adding the songs that you desire.




But before you Add a track they will ask you whether you are going to upload  from system or from Soundcloud, a famous musicplayer and music library.      You should have a account in Soundcloud or  create an account in Soundcloud.


You are done now,keep uploading songs and increase traffic to your Facebook fan page. Please visit Die Hard fan of AR RAHMAN for further reference.

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