Stammering by the wounds !!!

Hi friends…

I am sorry leaving you blank with no new article in Discussion Board for a week.I have made it clear to write a perfect and a good article for the readers,so not going to make article hurry-burry.

So today its ” Stammering by the Wounds ” which is a article that evolved when I met a small child of difference from the normal. So lets go the topic.

On Jan 8 2011 from my school with the Interact and Rotary club we conducted a Big Fair of selling some eatables and planned to give those profit amount as a charity to the needy people. We had lot of responce and sponsors supporting our cause of helping the needy people. I thank those honourable persons at this instance. We had invested 45,000 as initial and later on turned with a profit of  of 14,500 Rupees. This has been the biggest project of our school’s Interact Club. But to say the truth I was overjoyed by another incidence that happened parallel.

I was just selling some cool drinks near by canteen area, at that moment I saw a small boy roaming here and there in search of person to feed him something to satisfy his hunger. I got understood about his hunger seeing him licking a icecream stick.I was unable bear it so I gave the icecream that I bought in the last money I had. He camly replied ” Thank you Brother” making me overjoyed but restricted me within a moment. I asked him what is his aim in life and what career he wanted to pursue !!!, In my life I have seen people even working in petty shops will say that he want to become a Doctor or Engineer but the saddest part was that child wanted to become a ” Bus driver ” or he will become a ” Watchman if given a  job in our school ”…

I was really shocked by hearning this.This is a consequence of poor standard and uneducation,which has become a major issue. So I request the readers to aspire people to pursue some big career and increase the dreaming motive.