Punishment run kills schoolboy !!!

Feverish 14-year-old was late to class, and his principal ordered him to jog around the school. A high school student died after he was forced to run around the school as punishment for going late to class.

The incident occurred on Monday at Honnavara in coastal Karnataka. Fayaz (14) had fever, and was late to school. The headmaster told him to run several laps around the school field. When Fayaz attempted to run, he gasped for breath and died, NDTV reported. Angry people gathered near the school and smashed its window panes.

Police have detained the headmaster of New English SchoolKarnataka education minister Visweshwara Hegde Kageri has promised action against him, and said schools should not cause bodily harm to students in the name of punishment.

Seventeen out of 28 states in India say they have accepted the Supreme Court ban on brutality, but every few days, evidence surfaces that teachers still beat up their wards.

In February 2010, 13-year-old Rouvanjit committed suicide after he was punished repeatedly by his teachers. The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights police visited the 150-year-old La Martiniere School and investigated the charges against the teachers.

“There were three or four teachers who were systematically humiliating Rouvan. Beating him, slapping him. I don’t think that’s acceptable anywhere. Rouvan was a strong guy. Very upbeat, very happy. He took it. But everything has a breaking point. He reached his point,” Rouvan’s father Ajay Rawla told NDTV.

Wikipedia says, “In India, there is no school corporal punishment in the western sense of the term… school corporal punishment “is not to be confused with mere hitting, where a teacher lashes out at a student on the spur of the moment, which is not corporal punishment but brutality”.

Corporal punishment is described as “punishments of school students for misbehaviour that involve striking the student a given number of times in a generally methodical and premeditated ceremony.”

Many are opposed to corporal punishment, and the Right to Education has banned it, but the practice is taken for granted, and is exacting a terrible casualty. In 2008, 98 children reportedly committed suicide after they received corporal punishment.