Relations have no boundary !!!

Hi friends…

We have been looking great after a successful testing of nuclear bombs and being a one of the country to have a nuclear power.Same way the Pakistani’s too have the same feeling after being one of the member of nuclear power. But the question is whether we need that ?? Is nuclear power so necessary for the nations following Adharma and Non-violent path ??

Yah this question has intruded deep in my heart and many others,so atlast found the solution. It is not necessary for Nations like India and Pakistan which is still a developing nation which is even asking for water and food even after 60 years of Independence.

I will ask those people to concentrate more on primary things first and then these prestigious things. I would like to show a video where you can see some of the Pakistani student’s saying that Indian as their own brothers. So I would say :-

” Think beyond boundaries,

Affection is waiting in the gates,

Go and grab it,

Don’t await for a chance to revenge, Let’s live in peace. ”

Watch this video fully to grab up the affection !!!