The mistake done by a citizen is more than that of a Politician !!!

Hi friends…
Back again to inspire you and trying to change your attitude….
I think I will be successful….
I am confident of it… 

Today I am here to make you aware that ”The mistake done by a Citizen is more than that of a Politician”
I express my anger on people is only due to their selfish minds….
” I wont vote,
I wont mind what the hell may happen,I have bugs in my wallet,
Politics is not my business”.

People naturally will not follow any morals in their life but when it comes to politics,people are expert in following a moral to the core….”MEN MAY COME AND MAY GO,BUT I GO ON FOR EVER”.

I am not having any blind talks…
Here is a statics reports stating that 75% of Slum dwellers and 65% of the illiteratevote,
65% of Educated middle class forming 40% of India’s population don’t vote .
Shame on us !

All fuzz over….this is a moment of transition….Let we all save the nation….

”Be proud to be a Indian;And make India to be proud of you”.

Truly inspiring video…