How to increase Alexa Traffic Rank !!!

Hi friends…

Today we will discuss about some step’s that can be followed to increase the Alexa Traffic Rank. To say truth ,I don’t know these informations. I was advised by one of my friend who is admin of Geeks4share to do the following job’s which drastically increased the IndiancriticZ traffic rank :

Step 1 : Write Review

The recognition of a content is mainly based on the people’s view. Though Alexa search’s about various customized feature in a website, it also look at the people’s view on it. So it is important to get many number of view’s about your website in Alexa. So try to share the link to your friends so that they can write review on your website to boost your website traffic rank.                                                           Wanna write a review about our site ???                                       Here you go : Alexa Traffic Boost – Write review .




Step 2 : Ask friends to Install Alexa Toolbar

So now you have number of review’s about your views only by sharing the link, but there is a convenient way of sharing link. It’s just by asking your friends to Install Alexa tool bar to their browser. You can download the tool bar in the Alexa website itself, or go to to download the toolbar and share the same to your friends. By Installing this you will have essential details about the website and easy link to write review’s about that website.