Changing Seasons:Mahatma Gandhi

Hi friends…

This is a varied article fully based on my own view,which you may also not like. Never mind, I will go ahead.

The photo in this photo depicts Gandhi ji being depicted as a cool summer and winter guy with beards and so on…. The first thing I thought was, how did the creator thought about such an idea. I have to really appreciate him for his artistic talent. But this photo is not appreciated among the people. This photo was uploaded in Facebook and had lot of negative comments came down showing their anger against such a activity !!! I really felt proud of them…

But after I thought y these guyz have commented negative comments for a such a creative work. The answer was so simple , they can’t accept the change.They have seen Gandhi with white dress and other things,they can’t accept such a change.

If you don’t accept the change for Gandhi,then how can Gandhi accept the change or westernisation you are asking for you ???

Think about it well !!! And decide a perfect solution.This photo is also a lesson….