Nathuram Godse : Last speech

Nathuram Godse , a normal man who came as a member in the croud and killed Mahatma Gandhi. Though he is a well known person in a negative manner, there are some good things to learn from him. The speech he gave before he was hanged is one of the best speeches in the world.

While listening to his words, a sense of pain and a feel of being cheated was felt by me. I can’t bear the way he expressed his feelings. Listening to his voice, there was a clarity and a cry for something in his speech. I can understand well that he has been ignored by society.

In the opening he said,that he has grown by seeing  people like Bhagat Singh,Tilak etc..but he said he has learned a lot by seeing Gandhi.Though he has anger on Gandhi he pronounced ” Voo Gandhi THEYY ” a place were he gave respect .

Listening to the critic he gave, I was amazed , He said ” Ahimsa will be supported by even by god”. I praise this move , but I can’t accept that Himsa is sin ”. He also quoted the incidence happened in Mahabharatha

He mentioned that ” Gandhi set on Masjith for praying for Muslims,while he never set on Masjith for Hindu‘s”

Watch the Full video to get the real idea :