U R Young !!!

You are the hope

Of the future

For the future

You are the embodiment

Of the pure and sublime

The Pure that is the Truth

And Truth is Divine

You are the Soul Divine

Unadulterated, unblemished

Realise and remain awake and alert

You have tasks to perform

So many, for so many

Your own self, the family,

The community and the nation

The canvas extends far and wide in the cosmos

You are inheritor of the great legacy

Of Vivekananda and Gandhi

Of Aurobindo and Tagore

Of a great culture and civilisation

That accepts and respects all

But rejects none

That adores life in all of its phases

It establishes the great symphony of

Self, Society and Nature

This heritage is yours

You are ordained to enrich it

Sustain it and preserve it

You are the trustee

Of the future of the Planet Earth

Of the infant, the child and the adolescent

And the veteran waiting for a smile from you

When you sing and rejoice

The world rejoices

Infants are enthralled

The young join your chorus

And the elders bless you

Gandhi wanted you

To look after the last one in the line

Vivekananda wanted you to feed for hungry

Feel for the poor, the ignorant, and the downtrodden

Sri Aurobindo perceived you

As the builders of the new world

Tagore thought you to be the preserver

Of the abundance of the blessings of the nature

Beyond the shores of India

Recall Socrates who wanted to shout to all citizens

From the highest place in Athens

Care for your children to whom

One day you must relinquish it all

You have to look after all those

Who looked after you in your younger days?

They are ready to relinquish it all to you

They are in your own home

They are in the neighbours’ house

And they are all around

They gave unbounded affection for decades together

They sacrificed their youth for your childhood

They know you are struggling hard

The same way as they did in their days

They need a smile from you

An affectionate glance from you

A cuddle from the grand children

Longfellow (HW) found them better than all the ballads

That ever were said or sung

For they are the living poems

Let these ballads be read again and sung again

By those who could not gather that much space

When you were young

Let their grandchildren grant them that and remember

In the name of fast pace of change

In the name of progress and prosperity

Let the families not disintegrate

Let the love and care due to every one be not denied

To any one

Gita tells us very clearly

A man is what he loves and cares for

Wordsworth recognised children

As clouds of glory that come from God

When they grow up

How can they ignore their parents and grandparents?

Froebel exhorted all of us

Come, let us all live for our children

India knew it much earlier

Let all be happy

Let all be healthy

Let good happen to all

Let no one be in pain or anguish

The effort must begin from home

From your home

From my home

Only the young can create

A home in every house

Shall you resolve to do that?

Beginning with your own

Extending all around

After all, every Indian believes that

World is but one family

To live it is education

That is learning to know and

It is learning to do

That is learning to be and

Learning to become

When generations live under one roof

Happiness and bliss just can’t be far away

Be the inheritors of the great tradition

Of love, service, sacrifice and harmony