Emotional Hurting- Man turns Mad [True Story]

Hi friends…

So today we are going to see a story of guy who is at the verge of becoming Mad because of Emotional Hurting from the surrounding. He has been isolated from the common society. He does all project lonely because no one is interested in including him in their team. I really felt bad seeing the worst condition of that guy and decided to post about him.

He was rejected among the friends because of the way he behaved. He is a overjoyed character , who never knows to keep secret and no privacy in his life. To say truth , all our guyz will know the regular updates of what he is doing and to whom he is speaking etc…His over emotional character was disliked by everyone,even me too !!! But I can understand the feeling of person ,taking them in their views. Due to some reason some problem arose between him and one of his friend due to our overtalks. To say truth he felt a disastrous month and once I read some of the messages that came to him, where I felt in tears… A normal human being can’t take this much of weight in his heart.He is none other than Siddharth.

The next days he started changing,trying to change as a Good social being. Eventhough he turned good , the past negative image covered his new image and was disregarded now also. What will that Human being do, when he is not accepted even after he turns good. So today I have posted about this to say ” Forgive people ”.. All people will never be good all times and never be bad all times, Its all the time that plays the game. Try to Forgive People so that they turn into a real social being .