Pakistani’s are not terrorist

Hi friends…

I thought of not posting about such topic in this blog as I thought all Indian’s will know this. But still there are some elements propagating some idea’s that ” Pakistan are terrorism making Machines ” .. Further data is that they teach terrorism in school. These information are not correct. Pakistan does not do all these jobs. There are some Brainwashing groups which brainwashes the people’s mind against India as it gains money from foreign groups.

I know all citizen of nation have love and pride on its own nation.This too much of Patriotism is cleverly used by these brain washers to complete their task. The statement released by Ajmal Kasab was that ” He was feeded with negative comments on India ” to make him accept the task of 26/11 . Even we Indian’s get angered when we hear a negative comments by any other nation on India. They too have the same feeling,there is no harm in being more Patriotic of Nation.

I have the experience of going to ” Wagha Border ” where you can see both Indian and Pakistan flag hosted near by to each other. But the worst incidence is that , people will start shouting ” India Jinda Bad ” from one side and ” Pakistan Jinda Bad ” from the other end. All these are because of a single blacksheep sitting in one of side rises his quote causing a emotional sequence.

So I humble request the readers to take in mind that ” Pakistan are not Terrorist producing Machine ” and I would like to say to Pakistani’s that ” Indian are not your enemy , we are your brothers ”.