Top 7 Inspiring Films

Must watch film by all Indians :-

1)  Border – 1997 :

Border was a film that was released in the year 1997 as a contribution to the warriors of the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. In this film, the braveness of Indians and the bloodshed of Indian army for the sake of nations goodness lies as the theme. In this film Sunny Deol takes the lead role as a Army major and the motivating hero. The film contains a song called ” Chitti ayiii haii... ” that takes you away from your normal position. The personal significance of this film is that this is the first film that I watched in theatre in 1997 when I was 4 years old. I really enjoyed this film to the core and understood the pain of all men in Army.

Link to download :][DARE_D3VIL][BY_DESIDHAMAL.5602780.TPB.torrent

2) Mangal Pandey :

Mangal Panndey is a film based on the true incidence that happened in the Great Revolt of 1857. Mangal Pandey a normal sepoy in the 34th regime started the unrest in Barakhpore as he was against the introduction of  new rifle. This theme has been taken in this movie and photographed perfectly as a nectar for the viewers. Aamir Khan plays the lead role as Mangal Pandey and Rani Mukharjee as the supporting character. A must watch film.

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3) Lagaan – 2001:

Lagaan – Once upon a time in India is a dramatic film composed under the theme of a cricket match deciding the fate of farmers. When the british ruled in India , the english men vested a heavy tax on the Indian farmers which was untollarable by these farmers. So they challenge the british men in cricket match to abolish those taxes. The way ,these guyz defeat them is the theme. Aamir Khan plays the lead role in this film. The significance of this film is that it was nominated for oscar.

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4) Rang de Basanti :

A dignified perfectly well written and well screened film according to my knowledge is Rang de Basanti. Perfect cast for each role and perfect dialogues at each sequence appears as delight for the viewers. This is a story of how a group of college students fight for the friends death related themself as a charcter of freedom fighters. I would surely recommand this film as I saw this film nearly about 45 times. Aamir Khan again plays the Lead role.

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5) Chak de India :

Chak de India , a film that motivates people to work hard to reach their goals. Its a normal film where the story goes on like this. A hockey player playing for his nation misses a final shoot in last second as losses gold medal in Olympics. People criticise him as a cheat . To prove his original patriotism he trains the women’s team for the World championship. The theme is how he trains his team and gears up the Team spirit to win the Match. Sharukh Khan plays the lead role in this film.

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6) My Name is Khan :

The film that brought Renaissance in me was ” My Name is Khan ”. Such a perfect film acted perfectly by Sharukh Khan which became a block buster hit even having lot of criticz on the theme and so on… The theme of the movie is so simple – ” Muslims are not terrorist ” which I am also been saying these days. The emphasis of muslim’s in America after the Twin Tower blast has been perfectly brought by the Director. A must watch film.

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7) Born to fight :

Born to fight, a thai film directed by Panna Rittikrai, is an action combo film powerpacked with greater martial art stunts. This movie is with the theme as how a group of guyz fight against a mob planning to destroy the Korea by attacking a village area to aim their Missile. Cute acting by a small kid is such a pleasant view for the viewers. I will rate it 10/10 . The best among the top.

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