Irritating Moment – Misunderstanding [True Story]

Too much of commitment turned against a poor fellow !!!

Today we have the story of young fellow who does not wants me to reveal his name. When I asked him to write a incidence that you won’t forget he immediately quoted this moment which I remember very well.So lets go to the incidence in author’s word.

Once there was a slight misunderstanding between me and my friend.One day he wanted me to go with him regarding an issue. But, on the same day I had some other commitments to complete.Knowing this matter He got irritated on hearing this and started to yell at me . I really felt bad and pleaded him to forgive me. But the reply he gave me was really hurting and irritating. I wanted to get out of that place immediately but I didn’t. Later on we became good friends.

My note :

I again feel pitty for the poor fellow who has faced this problem due to multiple commitments. But this little fellow is capable of handling many jobs at a time. I can understand the poor condition of the other guy as he was bit pressurised by other fellows. But commenting about the reply ” He should have replied like that ” because it has left a scare in the mind of the poor little fellow. So I would like the readers to take care of the words that you convey in any sort of conditions.