Send free SMS from your phone

Send free SMS from your phone to your friend through any of the social networking.Guarentee that it works on all network.

If you are smartphone user, this is a must have app for you, This is the best messaging application available in the market.This little thing is tested and works with all operators in all countries.

WhatsApp is an application that supports iphone,few selected nokia, All Android and Blackberry phones, An awesome application that requires only active internet connection to send the messages, It uses push messaging technologies and offers chat style threaded messaging interface which makes it the best chat software available ever.

1.  A smartphone – android, blackberry, Iphone or Few selected nokia phones.
2. Working Internet connection on your phone (2g, 3g or wi-fi).

And you are all set to send free smses. The best part is it automatically adds contacts from the phonebook and displays the ones that already use whatsapp …

Headover to to download this application for your phone.

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