Condition forces a young man [True Story]

Hi friends..

We are back with one another post in story teller.I am really happy that story teller has got some good response from people.I got around 6 mails from friends describing some good/bad moments in their life.If you also want to be a part of it Mail me.We will discuss about today’s story.In this post a young man in 1980’s who is the first son in the family had a point where he no clues of decision and all goes on its own. A young graduate just out from college completing his college course had to run back to working place to survive his family. Started to work as a accountant in a hotel to save his family now working one of the well pronounced company.Yes,its bone other than my father.So lets go to the story.

The incidence goes on like this::

In 1985 after completing  the degree exam I attended the first interview. The interviewer asked about the qualification, back ground and the college. After hearing the college name, he  rejected with out asking any question. The requirement of a job was so critical due to family concerns. Father is retiring within a year and brothers and sister are studying in school .Full family is depending on one income and its also and that also available only for 8 months.

In mean time our family friend spoke to the known person in Cochin who runs a hotel .He said that there was a requirement for accounts assistance. I accepted the job with out any second thought and not even negotiating  the salary. After joining, I came to know that I have to work not only as account assistance in hotel but also in  Bar for accounting. The atmosphere was really horrible but you have to take up the task. The total time of work is for 16 hrs and month end they gave a payment of 300.00. When asked,  they informed  they are providing accommodation, food and 300.00. I used to send 250.00 to home and kept 50.00 for my expenditure. In mean time I was looking for any break through. After six months, I got a government job and joined the day before my father retire.

My note :

The run for the survival has paid the way for the bright future. The duty consious work of the person has turned around him to a successful person in the future. So I ask the readers just to take a key information from this post ” Never mind what job you are going to do,think about how important it is for your family” . If you think this I guarantee that you can strive any difficulty in this field and be a successful person in your life.

If you too have some good/bad moments that can be shared with us then mail me for sure !!!