Top 10 Facebook Games

Best Facebook Games to Kill Time :

Do you get bored really easy? You should try playing one of these games, Millions of users play it every single day, For me this is one of the reason I keep coming back to facebook.

Here are the top facebook games popular around the world :

Rank Game Active Users Developer
1 Cityville 95,025,706 Zyanga
2 Farmville 51,000,384 Zyanga
3 Texas Holdem Poker 38,161,049 Zyanga
4 FrontierVille 20,356,964 Zyanga
5 Café World 15,433,951 Zyanga
6 Mafia Wars Game 13,838,140 Zyanga
7 Millionaire City 12,166,847 Digital Chocoloate
8 Treasure Isle: The Adventure Game 11,814,102 Zyanga
9 Pet Society 11,266,231 Electronic Arts (EA)
10 Bejeweled Blitz 10,814,441 POPCAP Games

Warning: These games are super addictive, If you will play once, you won’t get over it.