Adding Facebook like box widget to your blog in

Adding Facebook like box widget for your wordpress blog :

Hello friends.

Today in the tips n trick column I will suggest some cool way of adding a Like box to your WordPress blog which is a free domain. I know the problem in this free hosted WordPress blog. The plugins have been deactivated due to various security reasons. The WordPress also does not supports HTML codes.This is the problem faced by many of the bloggers like me. I too had great problem without a like box and my blog had a stunned growth.But I have a clever way of tackling this problem.

See when your WordPress blog does not supports a HTML codes then you can prefer the blog that supports it. Pretty confused ?? I am saying simply that you cant transfer your blog to other Blog creating website as you will not wish to. So you can prefer a single webpage for some of the blog creating website that supports HTML codes. I prefer the well known which supports all HTML/Javascript and another feature of blog is that you can change template as your wish and suiting your aspects.

So simple step is just go to add the required widgets there and add it to your WordPress Blog by adding it as a custom link. Make sure that you develop a perfect navigation link in the Blogger Blog so that you will be perfectly able to redirect the traffic to your blog. But what will be the content in that blog ??? Sure Indiancriticz has a answer for it !!

I personally suggest a welcome page or site update page. In my page I have developed a welcome page as managing two blogs will be really difficult. For better understanding check out my page either by clicking the category AUTHOR’S CABIN or this link : Indiancriticz-Author’s cabin. Add as many widgets as you can in that page. I hope so you will develop the Like box as you wanted.

I hope so this article would be really useful for you and you will also help us by liking us in our Author’s cabin !!!

Enjoy Blogging !!