Send Facebook Chat as text message

Having some problem contacting people at urgent time as they are offline,no problem we have a solution.So simple steps to be followed. Let’s get started.

If the friend is currently offline, copy this javascript given below and replace the Id by their profile Id respectively.

Step 1 :

The required script :  javascript:Chat.openTab(ID_GOES_HERE);

Example :   javascript:Chat.openTab(100001005311169);

For more info check this : How to get Facebook Chat History Even when Friend are Offline

Step 2 :

Then go their chat box and click the the box ” Go to conversation ”.

Step 3 :

New box will be opened which will show your last conversations. Type the require detail that has to be conveyed and put a tick mark to the option ” Also send as a text message ”.

Note :

If your friend is still online,you need not folllow the first step.

Hope that our article was helpful, enjoy SMSing and do comment about it.

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Note :

This service will work only if the respective persons have activated the Facebook Text message service,so its better to ask your friends to activate it. To know more about activation of text message service read Send Free SMS using Facebook and ask  your friends also to read it !!