A Text book lesson created her Aim [True Story]

Hi friends..

Today in the story teller we have a suprising story of a girl who says that she has decided her career after being inspired by a lesson in the school text book. Yes its a story of one of our friend Shridhivya who has been a greater supporter of Indiancriticz and good friend of mine. She has been instrumental in supporting me in writting such criticz. So lets check out her discussions.

I was a 6th Grade student when I started my career in Middle level starting up the lane in the race of success. There were lot of defining moments but still one moment was notable. It was a English class under the time table. The English teacher Mrs.Renganayagi entered the class with her English reader. She started the lesson named FLYING HIGH which still turns my head into those words. The lesson was based on the first Indian Astronaut Kalpana Chawla. The lesson was so inspiring that this lesson was turning my mind to set this as my future career. I looked for all scopes to achieve great learning in this career.

I got a single chance to exhibit my talent when I was 9th Grade. A Essay writting competition was conducted from on our school club on the topic ” My dream Satellite ” and it was announced that the winners would be sent to ISRO but I missed the chance by a narrow gap,though learning was there. I am looking for the day to start with my career. There was lot of learning considering this aspect and the learning were :

  • Use things in the right way.
  • Are capable of getting only the positive out of anything.
  • Move ahead and experience lots.
  • Don’t wait for suitable circumstances but create circumstances suitable for you.
  • Work hard with full interest
  • Last but not the least ” God is always there!!! Do these…leave the rest to god!! “

My note :

I am pretty amazed by such a note by just 9th grade girl but all her points are perfect to the point and well directed. I had real difficulty in naming this post but was suddenly struck by this title which was accepted by many. So I ask the readers to take points to their mind and set focus to your future Aim. Career needs to be developed well mentally more than the physical growth. I hope so the mental growth of this girl has done to the point and believe the readers too will develop their mental growth and focus on their future Aim.