Top 7 important Flashback moments of India

Photo directory of some important past moments

Today in the discussion board I am going to give some scoop of images denoting some past important moments that must be never forgot. Actually I am not the owner of this photo collection. These images were extracted from the mail sent by one of my friend Hari Harani. Thanks for the images.Lets check out the images.

Aug 15; Nehru- The Prime Minister of India










The train leading the track to Pakistan in 1947 with the refugees.










Moments before the diplomatic preparation for the Bangladesh war.

Gandhiji addressing people :

The Dead Punjab in 1947

Nehru and Gandhiji at AICC meeting in July 1946

Crowd in New Delhi waits for a glimpse of Gandhiji’s funeral process.

These images has made mind down looking upon those great incidences !!! I hope so you the readers too experience the same !!!

Be Proud be an Indian.