Losing the friend-writes DM [True Story]

Tragedy from the life of DM !!

Hi friends..

The story teller has been really going well and this is one post before my 100th post from this blog. So I thought that let me give a single incidence from my life. This incidence is one of the worst incidence that I faced in my life.

I was studying 1st standard in a normal Kendriya Vidyala school in Gorakpur,Uttar Pradesh.This was the days I had a hard stuffs tackling in my verbal hindi language.I comparatively had very less number of friend council who tolerate my language torcher. One such friend was Vincent, a small cute guy from Kerela who was my sole companion.I had great moments in my childhood with Vincent.

On one day he came to the school with his head covered by white band Aid and blood strains in it. I was really worried and didn’t mind the teacher in the class and ran to him who was coming with his dad. Tears started coming from the corners and teacher never scolded me for my act. I was listening his dad speaking to the teacher as I didn’t dare to ask my dear friend Vincent. He said that In the morning he has fallen from the stairs and broke his head and he had just narrow escape from death. But he and I never know that He has not escaped from that Fate !! 😦

In the break period we both prefer a seperate place in the ground for our dinning,in centre of all tress resembling a deep forest. We had the break enjoying it,sharing things with joy never knowing that this is going to be the last dinning with him I laughed and smiled no more words to say…  Having our break we returned to class and Vincent stepped out by stone again hit by a stone on the head. Things were over, even we ran to the hospitals with bloodsheds with us and the rest no use…. I lost my dear one !!!

I was last person speaking to him and seeing a friend dying in front of your eye is something highly disastrous.I had that killing feeling. Sorry for making you feel sad for few moments. Thank you.. I can speak anymore.