Cant a Boy and girl just be friend alone ??

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This is our 100th post from Indiancriticz featuring the 7th video from DM Picture titled ” Can’t a boy and girl just be friend alone ” !!!

I would like to thank all the fans of Indiancriticz ,my well wishers,my friends,and webmasters to make it happen… In this style I complete my 100th post by posting the video that I created after long time break off !!! Positioning myself as a Admin of Indiancriticz is really cool !!! I love blogging !! At this moment I like to thank my Dudes Ganesh Babu , Praveen Raj , Aswin , Prashanth, Shreedivya for their all round support for Indiancriticz. I have learnt a lot from these guyz only. This hundreth post I dedicate to these guyz….

Lets check the post !!!

In the present day world we cant find a girl and boy turning good,,, because they fear the society and other aspects… These aspects is kills relationship in earth !! People should understand the Β problem and change their opinion to have a friendly earth !! I hope so people will change their aspects !!

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