Birth of April Fool’s Day

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Hey readers, today is a day of great fun and great razzing. Yes it’s the world’s most funniest day – The International Fool’s Day. Haven’t you fooled anyone yet? Hurry, don’t miss the chance. So, we have been constantly talking about this day, but how many of us knew the history of this day. So, readers get ready to know the interesting origin of International Fool’s Day…

The story goes like this !!!!
In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII, wished to replace the old Julian calender. So he ordered his ministers to work on it and make a new calender which we are following now. Previously the new year was celebrated on April-1. The introduction of the new calender made January-1 as the International New Year Day. As usual, there were a group of subjects to oppose it. They were stubborn and continued to celebrate the New Year on Apr-1. So, other people and the King himself started to humiliate ’em. Pranksters stuck paper fish on their backs. Hence, the victims of the pranksters were called as Poisson d’Avril or April fish.

From then onwards, Apr-1 was celebrated as April fool’s day in France. But this was popular only in France and a few neighboring countries.

It was popularized world-wide only after the British adopted a change in their calender system. Earlier, British were celebrating the New Year festival for a week – starting from March-25(the date of the Christian Feast of Annunciation) to April-1. But for the sake of administrative convenience, the British changed the New Year to January-1 in the year 1752.  And again it created a great chaos in Britain too and there were few protesters for this. So, like the French subjects, the British also began to call ’em as April fools. As, the entire world was colonized by Britain, the April fool’s day became very popular and was internationalized.
Thus, the April Fool’s day was born !!!
But all these are only speculations and no one ever knows the real history of the day. That’s sad, yet don’t forget to enjoy this day, fool your pals as much as you can !!!