Member of Lok Sabha at the age of 16 [True Story]

Enjoying the moments in Model Lok sabha !!!

The title assumes a bit tricky,you may ask me how can a person at a age 16 go to Lok Sabha. But we had that exposure,by attending a Model Lok Sabha were we were given a opportunity to be a Ministers and Honourable member of Lok Sabha. Personally I would like to thank Mahatma School for this time bound in our life. We had great sessions in mahatma school with lot of new friends and a new council for a new task !!

We had a good tutor who was a multi-skilled personality with sound knowledge in Politics and a Good Orator. Awaiting for a new experience in the new council we awaited his first words. He started saying the Menu for the Assembly or the session and gave some topics on which we have to think upon and create an atmosphere of Lok Sabha.

The things were little bore as we never know what he is speaking about due to the the dreamy minds. Later on the things got into our toes as it was a debating hour and we the Tamil Nadu people always like to debate. The debate got a heat up and we were busy fighing against each other on various issues. We were actually seperated into various political party with varoius leader. These sessions were just a practise before the final rehersal. I kept silent for the practise day sticking myself to the chair.

The day of final relay came where each of us were ready to gear up with our Atom Bomb questions on the opposition party which cleverly managed with small words that we will give the reply in words. At this moment I have to mention of my friend from Arjun Ravichandran who was the best spokesperson who tackled all our atomic bombs to protect his floating community. One another person was Saundarya from the same group supporting the battle by Arjun, while our Sushma Swaraj Sharon made it never easy for the Arjun and opposition as she pilled up questions. The speaker Swetha had to fight it hard to stop our debate similar to KG teacher. It was a fun filled day with a great enjoyment and happiness. The happiness was also added when we bunked our Maths Exam for this sake but still felt harder to write the retest on the other day.

Our tutor on the first day mentioned that this is going to be a Time Bound moment in our life, and as he said it is a Time Bound moment. We got lot of fruitful friends like Arun Kumar, The Prime Minister- Siddharth , President – Premika , Sushma Swaraj – Sharon , My leader – Santhosh and so on !!!

So enjoy some fruitful moment coming down your track to liberalize yourself !!!