Rahman gets bribe for a ‘dud’ song is a Rumour

There has been serious issue right now with the public stating that the oscar winning AR Rahman has got Rs.5.04 Crores for composing a dud song for the Common Wealth Opening Song. The committee has accused that Rahman composed a dud song and it was not popular as the FIFA world cup opening song ” Waka Waka “.It also stated that Rahman has asked for Rs. 15.60 crore for this job and atlast has got Rs.5.04 including all tax.

I dont know how they accuse a Oscar Winning Music composer to bribe for composing a dud song. The true music lover will never allow for such a dirty job and I hope Rahman loves music than anyone can. Such an ideal will not do such a job. Coming to the next point the comment that CWG theme song was a dud song , I am an active member in Soundcloud where I downloaded the theme song. Its the best rated song with maximum number of downloads in the year.Check out this image, you will know better.

Next about the Waka Waka song, my view is that Waka Waka song popular only because of the spice added by Shakira in it by dancing with torn cloths because of her poverty. Comparing to Waka Waka , K Nan’s Wavin Flag was far better than Waka Waka with pleasant and the inspiring tone needed for a Football Match. So I saw there is nothing to compare with Waka Waka, AR has done far better than Shakira and Indiancriticz protests the comment about the CWG song as ‘dud’ song .

So all Die Hard Fans Of AR Rahman never trust these rumours and always trust the god of Music AR Rahman.