Idiotic Emotions turning against Friendship

Dont lose your good friend because of stupidity;

Learn to control your emotions !!!

My eyesight made me fall in hallow,
Buried deep in the ground infused me with the sand ….
The sand sinking deep in mind ;
Blocked my vision, made it malfunction and crazy ….

This dirt is a knife,
Aiding the erosion of a bridge called friendship….
The relationship that you imply gonna decide ;
Whether you are in safer frienship or sinking titanic ship ….

This sand was too heavy to bear
Finally made me to pour it out ,
Later tears welled in my eyes,coming down with thuds;
As I lost that gold mixed with the sand …

Now compare the Sand with Love and Gold with frienship. Think for a while and
decide whether you want a gold or a sand !!!
Dont look for a love and dont lose a good friendship !!!!

A Poem by Srinivasa Varadhan