Fabricated Emotions pains a lot

Hello friends,,

Last day we have started with this new category of Article where we share our knowledge about various topics that are essential and potential for the life with some quotes and perspective needed for a fruitful life. So to kick off with this category an article by one of my friend Shreevidhya who is one of the active member in Indiancriticz and I personally asked her to write me an article as her article has a special feature of attaching deep to the heart so that make the mind to follow as said. Hope so this article also makes the same.

Lets go to the article !!!

Ever tried erasing memories? It is the most painful task ever. Well it all starts with me going around to my cupboard to start cleaning it. Cleaning the cupboard My eyes spot my diary, the climate outside is very gentle and breezy, So I had to pretend as if I was this serious philosophical thinker who was trying to theorize the patterns in human behaviour :P.I just put in on my desk, opened the first page and gazed at it, the wind blew in and it flipped around pages and finally seemed to stop on one page. That was the last page I ever wanted to see. It was the most painful feeling ever. I remembered a quote from Da Vince Code- ” I enjoy the cleansing ritual of pain”. I tell you it is tough to enjoy pain, especially the type of pain which makes your heart ache and throb with unexplainable anger, frustration, anxiety and madness. I don’t get it. What the hell is the use of hiding feelings? The use of fabricating true emotions and creating a fake synthetic world to hide all your lies in?. Will people never get around to appreciating someone’s presence in their life, when it needs to be recognized? Instead, when people part ways, they end up missing them and regretting later. The worst part being told the fact that they miss you and you feeling that it would have been a way better if they had appreciated your presence in their lives when they were here with you. The feelings you experience after knowing the fact that you mattered as much as they mattered to you, that feeling- I tell you, is the most excruciating feeling ever! Wouldn’t things have turned out different if they had appreciated your presence earlier in their lives? If they had appreciated your presence in their lives when they were with you, just the mere thought of that possibility, days, months,years would have gone by, you wouldn’t have failed to see the beauty in them, you wouldn’t have forgotten to appreciate them, living together while appreciating the presence of one another, wouldn’t that be wonderful? But now it is too late, already parted ways. Well, Sometimes I can be a drag,but really if you feel someone’s presence in your life is worth appreciating, tell them right away! A beautiful relationship will blossom if you just say how much you appreciate them.- trust me on that!

Note by the Critic :

Well its a tough time for me to make a note on it , As the essence has been given clearly with the concepts and the aspects required to make the article lively. Well a note from my personal experience I would say , don’t stuff things in your mind, make things so frank so that you never gonna face the problem in future. Pointing out be frank more with your friends and from today take off all the fabricated emotion buried deep in it. When I was stuffing things in my mind, I was always hurt by my 6th sense saying me ” Hey , you idiot don’t cheat ” but I never listened to that but at the moments I confessed myself it was more awkward situation to face, feeling like killing my own Heart with my pulse going more than those of astronauts were you are Rejoicing the pain.

” Never build a wall of Fabricated Emotions,

Construct a beautiful bridge called Friendship “

So I request the readers to be more frank and clear in their words to save some moments were you have to ” Rejoice the Pain ” !!!

Hope so readers will take this into consideration….