Independent Anti-corruption Watchdog::Lokpal

He said that a Group of Ministers headed by Sharad Pawar is looking into the contents of the proposed anti-corruption bill and civil society members would be consulted later. Retired IPS officer Kiran Bedi and social reformist Swami Agnivesh were also present and pledged their support to Hazare.

Hazare lamented that the views of eminent persons like Justice (Retd) Santosh Hegde, advocate Prashant Bhushan and Agnivesh were not considered important by the government and “a minister like Sharad Pawar, who is known for possessing large amounts of land in Maharashtra, is heading a committee that will draft the bill.”

Anna Hazare has also denied the invitation by Manmohan Singh to stop all these activities and to resort a solution for it. The move by Anna Hazare is shocking and Manmohan Singh would have not expected this as the Nation is rejoicing the victory of World Cup.

The review is so clear that Hazare wanted an immediate action on the all the Scams and the wrong turnout for India’s pride and prestige. The solution by this independent socialist will be surely supported by us. We hope so his fast will bring a good resolution for the Nation.

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