Political parties using Sachin

Its the times were its going to be a political environment were each group ready to starts its race to lead with the possessions and success in their political career. They need a trump card to open with a good note to win the hearts of the people to win the maximum vote. This tactic has been established by the BJP council. Its the time when India has won a world cup, a glorious moment. The BJP men are so clear that people eyes are on the cricket players. So simply to attract the mind of people the BJP has said officially that ” It will recommend a Bharat Ratna Award for Sachin Tendulkar “.

I accept that Sachin deserves Bharat Ratna for his commitments and the work he has put in to the field of cricket. But I hate the idea ,political parties creating a sequence to earn votes. So I request the readers to be genuine before they vote !!!

Let us also know whether Sachin Tendulkar is eligible to get the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award !!!