My Entry to the school [True Story]

Hello friends…

We have been reading more critical aspects for a past weeks with lot of controversial area and stuffs so for a change we will have some funny stuffs in today in our Story Teller. This is a real incidence in my life which I would never forget in my life. The tragedy for me and a fun for you !!!

I had my 1st and 2nd standard schooling in North India and came to Madurai where I continued my schooling. Being in North India from my birth I never got a good exposure with my mother tongue Tamil which was hardly used in home. As I never had exposure , I never knew the alphabets of Tamil but was good in speaking it. Think about this situation where a Tamilian don’t knows the first alphabet of Tamil being in third standard. It was little more worser when I came to know that I am zero again in English where the conversation part was also lacking.

You  may be amazed that how I passed the entrance exam with no knowledge in Tamil and English. The Answer is so simple, I never passed in but came by recommendation and promising the principal that “If I did not pick up the things soon, I will be sent out of the school “. Hearing all these stuffs, my mom had a tough time accepting all condition and Head load of school fee.

The day came when I have to start for my school. I set on with confidence to defend any situations with two solo  known English words Yes , No . I entered the block where I should be but was confused by the sections. Getting a consultance from a teacher I entered a perfectly wrong class. The teacher instructed me in English, hard to understand,but traced it by her body action.

I was looking clumsy in the class with no language to communicate with other,my teeth resembling those of rabbit and all in descent behaviour, an odd one for me. I spent about 2 weeks in the wrong class , managing to submit all my notes with great efforts. The only class I used to listen is the Hindi class by my favourite teacher RTC ji.The best teacher I have met. At that moment , a class teacher of next class who is also fluent in Hindi conveyed RTC ji that one boy has turned to the class in Hindi. As I know Hindi well I understood that but never minded it more. The teacher found me in the group as different as I was a new face and she enquired about me. Finallt she found the guy whom she is looking for.

Her tough time of a week was over and my tough time for a month started as I had re-do all the works in a different way as I was in different class 😦 :(.

Hope so it was good read for you !!! 😀 😀