‘Cash per vote’- Policy of Tamil Nadu

Political Elections becoming  a buisness :

The Tamil Nadu elections have a special feauture of following a rule properly with full co-operation called “Cash per vote”. This illegal method has become a regular custom during the elections. If you become 18+ in Tamil Nadu you don’t use the facility of voting but you gain the aspect of bargaining Rs.200 to Rs.500 per vote. The election has finally becoming a buisness to win the vote and rule the state to end up all in mess. The canditates being perfect Noble Lauretes who have completed their 8th standard successfully after 3 attempts and having an extra-ordianary working experience as Roudi,Morphias,Gangster,Dada and have been in jail over 100 times. This is the Qualification required to become a MLA in Tamil Nadu. I don’t know when this end going to come. What I can say to the readers is ” The Election manifesto has became something similar to an Advertisment of a Soap company “. I ask this politicians ” Why should you bribe money to win the election ?, if you are proper during the ruling time people will vote you with no expectations. Why should

The next is about the people.  I am pretty happy and proud about some people who refused the amount given to them and at the same time I am ashamed of those people who have got the money to vote. “Its something like selling your wife to get money”. Change your mentallity,don’t cast a wrong vote to lead the Nation by a wrong leader. Think and Decide for a better future !!