Al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden killed

Its clear from the strong statements from the US president Barack Obama who has confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden,the mastermind behind 9/11. The turning fact is that Osama Bin Laden was from a wealthy buisness man family. His father  Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family.He has studied economics and business administration and some reports say he has completed civil engineering. Many report says that he was bright student and a Hard working person. The tragic matter is that all his family members like his father,brothers,sister were killed by Aeroplane accidents and at last he killed hundred of people by bombarding another aeroplane into the building.

We never know for what he is doing but he is more religious and have a huge belief in jihad. He has created the Al Qaeda group in the year 1988 meeting with many senior leaders and started his job. He started his direct actions against the US men after they helped to crush Lebanon.

After targeting the US Trade Center he stated :

“Allah knows it did not cross our minds to attack the towers but after the situation became unbearable and we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, I thought about it. And the events that affected me directly were that of 1982 and the events that followed – when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon, helped by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me punish the unjust the same way (and) to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women.”
                                                                                                                                       –   Osama bin Laden, 2004

At last things has gone ending to the Leader on Sunday morning as the US Navy Seals stormed with two helicopter and started firing continuously. Reports says he was guarded with two man and the Seals have recovered the Osama bin Laden. The Osama has been identified by his DNA referred from his sister’s DNA which was found when she was dead in an aeroplane accident. We have to await for what is happening up next. I never knew whether we should be happy or sad ???