The joy of helping [True Story]

Hello friends…

Its pretty days after which I am posting my next post,but still the content matters. So today in the story teller we have the incidence that took place today. This is one of the greatest incidence that I wont forget in my life. So I am here to share it….

It was damm hot afternoon when me and my friends completed our cricket game,thirst to the core we dropped our vehicles in friends home to get the drizzles in the mouth. Two small boys came running and said to us that 4 small puppy were there nearby in an hole. The small guys know us very well that we love dogs. Myself and one other friend Radha krishnan who feels good by calling him as Rocky Radha was with me and we both rushed to the spot to view those puppy’s. There were 4 beautiful puppy’s in that hole, with their cute small toes. A black puppy, a brown and two white puppy,so cute, it was a delight watching it…. When we both went close to the puppy, the brown puppy looked us and tried to come near to us,too but a black puppy blocked it. So we took the black puppy away and took the brown puppy out and it came near to us. We both wanted to see all the puppy, hence we took off the stone in the path, but we were shocked to see a small puppy was stuck with a glass in its neck.

We took that puppy and tried to remove the glass but the glass did not come out,the puppy was also crying as it had pain in its neck. Finally we decided to break the glass and relieve the puppy from the harsh pain. We took the small dog  in our lap and I was going to break the glass. Taking patient look on the eyes of the dog,praying the god for help, I broke free the glass, but still my friend Radha krishnan got hurt in his hand with bleeding sequence. But he was happy that small dog was relieved from its  pain rather minding his pain. It was really a happy situation for us and the day went on really good. I was convinced of doing a good job.