Walking Down the Homeless Lane [ True Story ]

Hi friends….

Its been days that my words have met you, I am sorry for it but still I hope I have an interesting things those far to your ears so close that I can. So to start with my journey I will give an introductory note. Whenever you walk down the lane you see a lot of homeless people awaiting for their bright days to come. When I saw one such person, the journey started.

Its goes on like this, myself with my mother and one of friend and his mother started our tracks to the town to buy various material required at high essentials. We went via bus and continued with her foots. It was a fine Saturday evening when the population in the town goes to the peak. Walking down the lane I heard a fierce noise of old man,but still its common in Madurai Town that people shout aloud to sell their product. I considered the same and started moving ahead,but my consideration went failure when I saw that old man. A very old man lying on the ground with dirt to his pocket and pain in his heart. He was just looking for a single noble mind to help him out,but still not so far.

The thing that struck me here was why should man suffer like this ?? He doesn’t seem to be a lazy person ?? Has he lost the connection of affection ?? Any thing in the above may be reason. But now we can’t look for reasons but we should look for a solution. Whenever you see such people and if you are well settled in life please do ” help them just by joining them some Ashram which would take care of them or else take care of your parents properly”.