The Feelings of Students

Hello friends..

Today we some special poem which I wrote under the desk during my maths period when I was killed listening to those Complex Number and Complex words. Hope you enjoy but this doesn’t means I hate maths, I really love maths. So we go ahead with the poem.

Sitting in the chair provided,
Trying the best to identify the subject being thought .,
But never succeeded in finding it out .!
As I was sent out by my day dream mess,.,

Continuing my journey to stage of nobel prize ,
Receiving the award from a proud man,
With aloud sounds and kudos from the audience,
I received the prize, I woke up with alarm as the class was over….

The dilemma of coming inside the class,
Thinking the joy of dreaming, I refused to be in…
But still, I was thrashed down to my chair,
Not by teacher,but by my mates, as they require entertainment…

I thought of exploring deep with my friends,
But my teacher buried me deep into the ground,
Not wìth anger,but with her homework..
But still, I will rise like arr’s if i rise, without doing homework…

A Poem by Srinivasa Varadhan

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