Is Life a Race or Journey ??

Hello friends…
So we are back with another article by Shreevidhya who is writing her second article in Indiancriticz. So getting with the article,its all about the life aspects and how you gonna treat your life as. The human acts are basically based on their thoughts.The credit of any success and curse of your failure always goes to the mind that controls these thoughts.So the thoughts that all we need is a positive form thought which should this Life is my journey and not a race, so I am going to enjoy it.Decide whether your life is a journey or Race ??
So the words of Shreevidhya goes likes this :
Life is a Life, as we all know it  has its ups and downs. It’s interesting to see how people view things from a different angle, while some view life as a race, most of them view it as  journey. There are some moments in life when you feel like being immortal. Like when your loved one says that they miss you, or when your mom hugs you. Life is more of a journey rather than viewing it as a race. Life can be seen as a path, even though it gets battered at times and experiences severe downfall, in the end we end up getting moulded. Life has various contents to it.
As a famous saying goes:
“Live for the little moments that define life, Life it not about how much times you breathe, it’s more about how many moments take your breath away“.

Failure is a common aspect when it comes to the context of life, I have mostly seen people using failure as a negative vibe and saddening their lives while using depression as a catalyst. Only quite a few people use the frustration, anxiety and the effort involved in their defeat for a productive purpose. It’s all about the little things in life that make it happy. It’s about the littile dew drops that fall on your from the trees, the birds chirping away happily in the morning, happy tears from a mom’s eyes and a dear friend’s hug. Life defining moments exist in our everyday lives, It’s just that we humans have moved away from the point of perfection, we have turned mechanical. We have failed to appreciate the best things in life, instead we all pursue something that is out of our limits, greed is the root cause of everything in this world, that’s what drives one’s passion towards achievement.

Life’s defining purposes depends on perceptions.

So have you decided whether your life is race or journey ??
My life is journey, and in my blog I have named it clearly that Indiancriticz is a journey by Srinivasa Varadhan. I hope my friend Shreevidhya’s word would have made you think what your life is and what it means to you. Share this good thought and ask your friend that what they think about their life,Race or Journey ??