Touch Down to the Runway [ True Story ]

Hello friends…

So today we are here back with the post of the journey that we had during our tight schedule of this 12th standard packed with heavy loads of books and scheduled over our timings toward the tuition. A day of  holiday knocked our door and we decided to rejoice it to core and I planned to create a video about the greatness of Madurai and hoped this would help me. To make the experience more experimental we decided to move by our cycle to the Airport which was about 7 Km from our home. We started our journey by 3.45 in the evening. Starting our journey we preferred a  short cut route which is just 4 Km from our home. But still the route has no proper road and it goes by grassland.

This was an image taken moments before he ran out of air in his tire and causing a punctured tube. Our journey had a  stop as his cycle got punctured and I don’t want to proceed without him and he also asked to not leave him and go. So myself and  one another friend Nagaarjun awaited with me. Finally it was 4.45 when we started for our real experiment. It was a continuous lanes of grassland which was so vast and we had a fear that any other cycle may also get punctured as it was a thorny path.

But I never wanted to give up,so I asked my mates to keep going and they also made a bit confidence of reaching the destination within the sunset. We pulled up so hard, at this moment we have lost our water resource,food resource. We were in the mid of the grassland so we have to keep moving.

It was a very hard way there, full of thorns, lot of break of road way and internal water supply breaking the grassland. We had go over high lands to cross over those water supply. At that right time when I was crossing the water supply area I lost my sole brake which would respond me. It was such a horrible situation for me as I had to cross over the high ways with no brakes in cycle.

Though I lost my brakes I never lost my confidence level, I was still looking my watch preparing my schedule in the airport. We then left that field with great difficulty and had great sense of relief. Then we started heading towards our destination. We got the access to lot of petty shop so we were able to buy water packs to keep our lips wet.

We will continue the next sequence in the next post !!!