Convert the Youtube Video to Mp3 Online

Hello friends…

Its been 3 months since then I did not post any post related to Tips N Tricks. So thought that today I will post in this topic. Everyone will be using the 3rd Ranked website YOUTUBE for sure. The Youtube being a great platform for many people to transmit their view, has got lot of viewers and uploaders to upload the videos. At certain conditions they create a quality video with the BGM which we would have never ever heard off and we wont the name of the album or the music composer. In such cases this trick can be used to download those BGM’s.

Now we are on the youtube channel were we are listening to a song by a unknown composer. So we just have to copy the URL of the youtube video.

After copying the URL just go to .

In Video2mp3 paste the URL you have copied and select the preferences and click CONVERT.

After clicking the convert button wait for a few minutes as it process and after few minutes a pop up will open in which you have to click Continue with your download.

Next click > > Click here to download your converted file < <

You are done 🙂

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