The Prize for a commitment [ The last 6 days as Head Boy ]

Hello friends…

How are you ?? Is everything fine ?? Okay I hope everything is fine. So today we are having a post called “The Prize for a commitment” which all speaks about the present condition in this world atmosphere of competitions. Yes its all about the author of Indiancriticz who is going to enjoy his last 6 days as a Head Boy. Its really tough to say this but still when people consider that to be good for TVS then accepts this blogger.

As a Head I really did not perform my best and never set as a perfect example but still the commitment that I show to this post is something greater to the value of my life. Everyday when I wear that golden batch near my heart I feel like piercing it through my tough skin into my heart I feel it as a life. As a mentor to my mates I never insisted on show off things but to be just to good to yourself and to your mother and father.

As a Head I did not buy them a e-learning English CD to teach them english but still created my own videos to touch their heart as I know all  my dudes are really good,but it was a failure as my dudes were busy with some other works and they feel a good thing is a bore where as the other a interesting stuff.

As a Head I have failed in my way of relationship but still I have succeeded in over coming my failure in past. But I don’t  know when my mates will realize that issue. When insisted I cant explain my phenomena and cant make them realize their future.

I know its really tough for me to stop doing activity as a Ex- Head Boy but still I want to rejoice these 6 days as a Head Boy. I dont know how many my mates are reading this,but still who ever reads this please atleast make my last 6 days as a memorable day as a Head Boy and I never want to think about those past hard memories,…

I hope my mates will help me !!

Yours friendly ,

Ex- Head Boy,

Srinivasa Varadhan.